Nano Diagnostic and Automated Therapeutic Tools for Oncology


In oncology, the capacity to monitor the pharmacological dosage in real time and in a precise and personalized way for each patient is a particularly critical issue from a clinical point of view.

In fact, drugs used in the treatment of tumor forms can produce very significant toxic effects because they have a very narrow effective therapeutic concentration window.


The project addresses the study, design and implementation of an integrated system for real-time monitoring of the drug concentration in the patient under chemotherapic treatment and, through the elaboration of this data, the calculation of optimal personalized therapy and its automated preparation.


The final result of the project is an integrated system for the management of oncological therapies based on:

  • a biosensor analysis tool based on advanced nanotechnologies, usable directly at a patient’s bedside, in a point-of-care testing (PoCT) view;
  • a computerized platform capable of acquiring data from the analytical tool and correlating them to other patient parameters and information for the optimum chemotherapy formulation;
  • a robotic device capable of preparing the personalized chemotherapy formulation, dosing the antineoplastic drug under the highest safety conditions.
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